Objectif of I3SAW

International Society of Sport Sciences in the Arab World (I3SAW) is made of scientists and specialists of sport practice who share the value of developing sports sciences in the Arabe World.

Missions of I3SAW

I3SAW has 5 main missions

  • To contribute to the strengthening of cooperation between training/education and research centers in the Arab World.
  • To exchange and diffuse know-how and good practices of international research, to help in the development of sports sciences.
  • Establish partnership through the organization of I3SAW’s own conferences and other scientific activities, or with other partners.
  • To develop partnerships with national Olympic Committees, national sports federations, in bringing our technical advice and expertise.
  • To collaborate with other regional/continental and international research associations in domain of sports sciences.

I3SAW’s means

  • To establish an academic journal of sports sciences in the Arab World.
  • To collaborate for the development of an observatory of sports sciences in the Arabe World.
  • To establish the web page of I3SAW for the diffusion of own or related scientific activities as well as information about recent studies in sports sciences.
  • To found a framework/specifications supported by I3SAW for the organization of seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • To establish a scientific council for the I3SAW to insure evaluation and scientific expertise.
  • To define code of ethics for I3SAW’s members.

Language I3SAW

The languages of I3SAW are English, Arabic and French. Simultaneous translation in these three languages during scientific congresses is expected.

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