The survey was conducted under the direction of Dr. Nadim Nassif, I3SAW Communication Deputy, Notre-Dame University (Lebanon), together with the Physical Education Academic Advisor and the FIFA/CIES Sport Management program manager.

In 2014, only the 35 sports that are part of the Olympic program were taken into consideration. For 2015, a deeper research was made on the popularity and universality of each sport, and some non-Olympic sports were included on the sole condition that their popularity and universality is equal or above than at least one of the Olympic sport.

Like in every year, the I3SAW presents these results to the different national sport authorities, media and scholars in the field of sport science

BEIRUT, April 14, 2016 – The I3SAW (International Society of Sport Sciences in the Arab World) has undertaken its second annual ranking of countries in elite sport. Click here for full article (AIPS, April 14, 2016)

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