The international Society of Sport Sciences in the Arab World (I3SAW) is composed by scientists and specialists of sport. Its unique objective is the development of sport sciences in the Arab World.

Who can join I3SAW

  • Organization or scientific institutions (university, research centers…) developing training or research in the domain of sport.
  • Sport associations whose activities and missions are not in contradictions with the mission and status of I3SAW.
  •  Academics, scientists and professionals working in the domain of sport.

I3SAW is made of Board members of I3SAW

  • Founding member of the I3SAW
  • Honorary members of I3SAW who contributed to I3SAW’s development.  They do not pay the annual membership fee and having consultative voice they have the right to attend the general assembly of I3SAW.
  • Benefactors: physical or moral entities (organizations, institutions, enterprises, federations) which collaborate with I3SAW in offering their punctual support in addition to the membership fee. They assist in the general assembly with consultative voice.
  • Active members how we can lose the quality of I3SAW membership.

The membership can be lost for the following reasons

  • The physical person is diseased or dissolution for moral person.
  • Non-payment of the annual membership fee.
  • Resignation notified by post or by electronic mail to the President of I3SAW.
  • Exclusion pronounced by the administrative council for grave motive. In this case the concerned person will be invited to present his or her defense, either in person or by post in the presence of the administrative council. He or she has the right to appeal in the next general assembly.

Advantages of I3SAW members

  • You integrate a network of academics, researchers, coaches and professionals in sports sciences and physical education who militate for sports sciences in the Arab World.
  • Access to experts and members of I3SAW.
  • You dispose of a personal profile in I3SAW web page and access to the personal profiles of other members.
  • You can publish your articles or comment on other articles published in I3SAW webpage and access to the content/discussion of thematic groups.
  • Access to I3SAW conference proceedings.
  • Access to I3SAW Newsletters and other information available to I3SAW members.
  • To receive newsletter every three months by email, which include information about different events and scientific researches in the domain of sport and physical education in the Arab world and other regions.
  • To receive a discount 20 to 30 percent for all I3SAW publications.
  • You will benefit from discount on registration to different I3SAW events ; or other associated organization and partners.
  • You will be able to participate and to vote during I3SAWs General Assemblies.
  • Unlimited access to different databases:
  1. Members of I3SAW
  2. I3SAW Experts
  3. Thematic database

Cost for membership

  • The membership fee is on yearly basis and covers the year from the date of the subscription (example: August 2012 to July 2013).
  • In application of article 8, I3SAW board decided that the annual subscription fee is as follow:
  • Student : 20 Euros 
  • Other member : 30 Euros
  • Organization, institution or association : 100 Euros
  • Benefactor from : 500 Euros

Payment method

Payment Card Online : Please click Here

Bank Transfer : Code IBAN (Members non resident in France)

  • Account Owner (Titulaire du compte) : I3SAW
  • IBAN – Identifiant international de compte International Bank Account Number : FR15 2004 1010 1610 9928 0L03 765
  • BIC – Identifiant international de l’établissement Bank Identifier Code : PSSTFRPPTOU

Bank Transfer : Code RIB (Members resident in France)

  • Account Owner (Titulaire du compte) : I3SAW
  • RIB – Identifiant national de compte : ETABLISSEMENT 20041   GUICHET 01016  N° COMPTE 1099280L037  CLE RIB 65

Cheque (Only members resident in France)

  • Account Owner (Titulaire du compte) : I3SAW
  • Chèque à envoyer au Trésorier de I3SAW
  • M. Daniel DAIRE  19, avenue des Croisés 31520 Ramonville Saint-Agne (France).

For more information about membership to I3SAW please contact Daniel DAIRE 


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