To whom it may concern

I3SAW is a learned society, non- for profit that advocates the development of sport science in the Arab world. The staff who manages I3SAW is composed exclusively of volunteers; scientists and professionals, specialists and experts in the field of sport. Their main task is to ensure the objectives and the missions of I3SAW. If you are interested and motivated to help in fulfilling I3SAW’s missions and projects, please send a message to <> to the attention of the president explaining how you want to get involved.

Currently we need volunteers to help in the following tasks:

  1. Translators (English / Arabic, English / French, French / Arabic) to disseminate information in the three official languages of I3SAW
  2. Correctors of articles in Arabic, English and / or French
  3. To establish a database and information on the history of sport and physical activities in the Arab world.
  4. To establish a database and information on traditional sports games in the Arab world.

Each of us, through their skills, relationships, can help to advance I3SAW to accomplish its missions and projects. We are always interested in what you do, how you do and why you think it might help to develop I3SAW.

Please do no hesitate to get in touch for further information

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